Monday, April 12, 2010

The Morning After...

A new poem, Weird, up on YouTube. Check it out!

(Special thanks to Aidan for artistic help and camera work. Read his Traumatic(ly Random) Reviews here:

Ok so...
last night
was weird
Wonderfully weird
Beautifully weird
and every awkward moment of it
broke me somehow
Tore the mile high brick wall
of my confidence
in one soundless breath

And as you lay there
the taste of my cum still on your lips when we kiss
having unravelled the entire universe
with just the sound of your voice
you stare at me
daring me
with those dark eyes
like two burning constellations
to put it all back together
before you.

As if all this was just a game!
As if the need for oxygen
was just a myth!
You smile at me
while inside Im Fumbling
in the vast expanse of your bed
clinging to you in the dark
for fear that if I let go
I might just drift away
into nothingness

I love that you break me
into a million little pieces
I love that you can just so carelessly pull apart
the fabric of space and time and
my pitiful little place in it.
Though it scares me
Though it terrifies me

Last night
was weird.
It was exactly everything
I didnt expect it to be
And just when I thought
Id got it all figured out
Just when the world began to bore me
It was something new again
Something Strange
and awkward...

But wonderful.
Wonderfully weird.
and beautiful
and wonderful
wonderful in ways
I hope I never understand.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Game Quest on Kindle!

If ever there was a book meant to be read electronically...this is it!

And that's about all I have to say about that.