Monday, October 12, 2009

New Video!!!!

Just in time for Halloween!

Yes, it's been over a year since my last video...but it's always been my goal to another one done. This one looks particularly great. The text is below the video. Enjoy!

Put a flower in your hair
so I can see you at night
as you creep through the graveyard
re-animating the dicks
of the dearly deceased.

Trapped deep in the ground.
they are pushing up more than just daisies
when your black black soul passes by.
If only they could speak!
If only they could sneak a peak
through the dirt
beneath your polka-dotted skirt…
if only they could feel more
than the touch
of your black stilettoed heel
thudding in the overworld
If only they could comfort themselves with more
than the clip-clop clip-clop clip-clop
of you fading away
the sound haunting their memory so long
they’d swear it was their heartbeat
starting up again.

Mama always said to stay out
of dark places
but that’s where you shine
baby doll
Even your dark dark hair
is washed out
in the bleach of that awful awful sun
but at night
let the wolves howl for you
the moon leads the way
to tonight’s show
don’t ever let them tell you no
life lives where the living don’t go
so please
put a flower in your hair
for me
when you pass by my grave.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Zues and the Giant Iced Tea submitted!!

So I bit the bullet and submitted my manuscript to the press yesterday afternoon with fingers crossed. Here are some wacky stats on the manuscript:

Title: Zues and the Giant Iced Tea
Length: 129 pages (but that's with lots of page breaks - they are poems, after all)
# of poems in the collection: 48
Longest Narrative: The Sultan Poems
Most Controversial poem: A Brief History of Gandhi
# of poems about luchadores: 1
# of poems about arms dealing: 2
# of poems about Mexicans: 3
# of poems about robots: 3
# of poems with an Asian or Middle Eastern flavour: 27

The Artist Worries about the Quality of his work!

As a perfectionist, this was difficult because I felt I could still review, tighten and improve some of the work included, particularly the Sultan Poems, which started off as 3 poems and I hoped to merge into a complete 'story' of about 6 poems. When I submitted it it was 19 poems!! Yikes. Ideally I could put them aside for a month and then come back to do some final tightening up...but at some point you just have to submit, and I was months behind. If they like the manuscript, I'll get the chance to tighten those up at that point.

The Artist worries his manuscript will be a Comedy at the Oscars!

As a worrier, I'm not entirely sure, at the end of this very long journey, that I have put together a manuscript that is right for the poetry series the press is creating. That's probably just me worrying. I really like the concept of the collection - they are narrative poems and I'm very pleased with the quality of all of them. But as such, they are much less personal than those in my last collection and, as most critics and reviewers are want to do, could be considered 'lighter, less serious fare' (although I think that's unjust.) I think I also consciously stayed away from the darker stuff this time around, because I have more range than that and wanted to explore these narrative type works. However, the ultra personal, dark poetry of Poetaster is what made them ask me to submit something. So, essentially, I worry that this is going to be like submitting a comedy for an oscar nod. It could be the most brilliant film ever made...but if it's funny then it doesn't deserve any awards. On the other hand, comedy's are watched by way more people.

The Artist posts a poem from the collection in celebration of its completion!

The Two Xs

Dos Equis
The two exxes
The dirtiest man
South of Al Hambra
And North of it too

He was born
in the desert dust.
No woman’s son
He was foreign to the ways of women
No man’s son
He was lost amongst his brothers

They called him Dos Equis
The two exxes
Nobody ever saw his eyes
under the wide brim of his black hat
His skin was cold to the touch
beneath his black vest
and jeans
and snake black boots

Dos Equis
He was given a life
without direction
without answers
When he signed his name
he signed an X.


He was given a life
without direction
without answers
He was only given
Two Exxes.