Friday, September 18, 2009

My publisher loses Federal Grant funding!

Ack! That totally sucks. The publisher of my last book, Ekstasis Editions (in fact, the ONLY publisher that's seen enough value in my work to publish an entire collection of my poetry), has, for specious reasons (apparently, the 'quality of authors they publish has dimished' over the last year - that hurts!), been denied ANY funding for the 2009-2010 year. As you can imagine, for a small Canadian publisher of poetry, that's practically a kiss of death!

Anyway, I'll have more on this later, but in the meantime, if you'd like support a (suddenly!) struggling press, please have a look over their catalogue (a good time to pick up a copy of my latest, if you've been planning on it) and consider buying something (get Christmas shopping for your favourite indie book reader done early this year!) - I'm sure they'd appreciate it at this time.

I'll write in more detail when I get a chance.


  1. Damn! I was waiting to happen upon a copy of your book at a bookstore (since, you know, I live in the same province as said publisher) but now I guess I have to buy it online. You'd better autograph it for me next time I see you in meatspace!

  2. No prob! I'll sign it but good! I may even be making a visit to Vancouver in the next few months.

    Oh, but if you want to pick up a copy in a store (if that's possible!), here is the 'where to buy' info from the Ekstasis site: